Sit back, relax, and let me tell you our story..

Who are we?

Overt Software Solutions is an established company founded in 2010. We are based in the UK, and provide solutions to businesses and educational institutions all over the world. Overt Software specialise in providing installation, support, and project management services, particularly in the areas of federated access management, multi-factor authentication (MFA), cloud computing and learning management systems.

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A brief History

Graham Mason, CEO, co-founded Overt Software solutions after spending over a decade, in a variety of management, development and operational roles in the UK educational sector. Our background in education has facilitated our understanding of how the education industry uses the types of services we provide, so that we can offer a variety of specialised solutions to suit your organisation's requirements. 

Our Mission

As a technical company, we pride ourselves on our unique values of  prioritising  people! Since day one, our ethos of exceptional service and honest expert advice

has been at the heart of everything we do. At Overt we aspire to integrate humanity into all aspects of our technical support services to provide our customers with a personalised experience.

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Future Goals

At Overt we are continuously investing in furture online technology and our staff’s training and wellbeing. We believe that investing in the people who will create and find new solutions for further and higher education sectors, will ultimately extend Overt's reach more globally. This will give us the ability to support more schools and universitys, so that they can focus on the worlds future, our youth and students.

Meet Our Spirit Animals

At Overt Sofwtare exchanges between poeple and their spirits are an everyday occurance...... get to know us better and read about our spirit animals. 

Graham Mason

ceo of Overt Softwrae

Hawk - As CEO of the company grham has to see the whole picture and trust his intuition on a daily basis. The hawk also helps you to stay focused and provides wisdom from a higher perpesctive, take the lead when the time is right. 

Adam Hirst

Poject Manager

Giraffe - 

Connor Giles


Wolf - My spirit animal shows up everywhere it seems before I even knew it was a wolf!

Paul King 

Shibboleth Operations Team Leader 

Bear - The bear has qualities of strength and leadership, which I feel as though I possess as Shibboleth Operations Team Leader. I often represent my team both internally at Overt, and on a customer level when facing challenges. Like a bear, I try to be a wise and influential mentor to those around me. The spirit of a bear provides strong grounding forces, which I feel as though I associate with, as I'm a grounded and down to earth person.

Maria Caldecott 

Director of HR and Finance 

Lioness - 

Katy Spicer

FInance and Office Manager


Sam Godbehere

Moodle support

Snow Leopard - My pets have always been cats, my favourite animal is a large cat (Snow leopard) videos of them running and leaping on mountains, I'm more of a night owl than a morning person, my hobby (fencing) requires qualities that cats have (patience, agility, timing, etc.)

Josh Childe

shibboleth support

wolf - 

Chris Andre

CTO of Overt Software

Wolf ?? - 

Helena Slim

Marketing Assisstant 

Goldfish - Prosperity and wealth, Keep moving forwards don't regret the past.

Chris bullock 

moodle support

Cat - 

Harry Williams

shibboleth support

Deer - usually take a cautious and laid back approach to situations

Edward Beddows 

Director of infastructure 

Snake -

Genyne Furguson

Sales Manager

Sloth - 

Liam Smith

lead software developer

Cat - 

Eddy Greatrex

junior software developer

Dolphin - enjoys spending the majority of his free time with his friends

Would you like to know if you share a spirit animal with someone from Overt? Follow the instructions in the video below to find out!! ?

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